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Ken Lori hosting Wine Tour Niagara Adventure.


Fortunate to work In Yosemite National Park and Oregon I've guided groups to some of the most transcendent trees, peaks, rivers, hot springs and waterfalls. 

On the wine side I have strong bonds with respectable wineries which adds joy to your experience (and wine to your glass). 

Eternally Canadian I’m forever on the hunt for little known nature spots and light-hearted wineries and savor deeply the respite taken from these tonics.

Finally, there's an intangible and indescribable essence to these tours instilled young by my parents and older siblings. As the youngest of eight, our house was a revolving door of friends and strangers sharing stories and laughs around the table, and I like to think my tours are an extension of mom's kitchen - light on information and long on conversation. Further, our parents liked to host parties and allowed us to do the same. As a result I seem to host every River & Wine tour as a type of celebration - of Life, Nature, People and Wine.

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