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Laura, January 2024

“I cannot recommend this experience with Ken enough! He is friendly, funny, and is extremely knowledgeable about the region in which we hiked. He tailored the experience to our skill level, and we saw some incredible sights that we otherwise would never have had the opportunity to experience. Visiting the winery afterward was an additional perk, with delicious wine and great company to cap off a phenomenal adventure. A+++ time- thank you, Ken! This was a true highlight of our Niagara-region trip!”


Curtis, January 2024

“Visiting Niagara Falls turned out to be super commercialized but this hiking experience gave us exactly what we were looking for. Without a guide we most likely would have never been able to maximize the hiking experience in Canada and all the picture opportunities along the water. Even in the winter we were able to get up close and personal to the edge of the water. Ken not only guided but he shared history, and provided ques for footage and hand positions to keep us safe. He customized the hike to us and our abilities. The wine tasting at the end was a very personal experience and we came home with ALOT of good wine. Ken and the girls at the winery can be our guest in York, PA anytime! We loved them.”


Havneet, October 2023

"Incredible experience with Ken. He was very engaging and passionate as we joked and shared stories along the way. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience as we got to hike a beautiful area away from the busy city. Bring a good pair of running shoes as the terrain can be challenging. The wine tour was a added bonus. Highly recommend the tour!"


Chevy, October 2023

"My partner and I had an amazing time! Ken was personable, which completed the experience. Highly recommend!!”


Barbara, September 2023

“Ken was absolutely outstanding as a host. From a seamless meet-up to the extraordinary dialogue, information and guidance, he was an absolute joy to be with. The hike was not as rough as we were fearing, although (as we found out) it can be slippery at times. But nature's beauty more than made it all worthwhile. Ken is able to find that perfect mix of being engaging and offering history and perspective while at the same time allowing you your own personal space to experience everything on the hike. We thoroughly appreciated his encouragement to explore and engage in our surroundings and all that nature has to offer (the waterfalls!!!)”


Sherri-Lee, September 2023

“What an amazing hike! Absolutely worth the money and I’ll be recommending to everyone. Ken is an absolute blast and brought us to the most amazing locations off the Bruce trail.”


Emma, September 2023

“We absolutely loved our experience with Ken! We enjoyed the beautiful sceneries and adventurous walk, which Ken adapted to our abilities and preference. We definitely recommend this adventurous wine tour!”


Jose, September 2023

“Tres belle experience, au dessus de mes attentes, surprise, ken est tres patient et un bon bibant et il connait tres bien l’endroit et son sujet je le recommande.”

"Very nice experience, above expectations. Ken is very patient and a good bibant and he knows the place and its subject very well, I recommend it."


Nadine, August 2023

“Amazing trip, beautiful scenery, fabulous winery and Ken was a fabulous host, Very personable and great fun. I would 1000% definitely recommend.”


Kim, August 2023

“What an amazing way to discover the area! We loved hiking with Ken, wading in the river and bathing in a gorgeous waterfall. He’s a very considerate guide and even offered to drive us to the vineyard from our lodging. If you like getting off the beaten paths, this tour is a must!”


Crystal, August 2023

“If you are in the Niagara or Toronto area this personalized hiking experience created by Ken is a MUST! We were in Toronto for a week and decided to take a one day trip down to Niagara Falls. We started our day off with Ken's experience and it ended up being the highlight of our trip! First, Ken is an absolute delight to be around. He helped us find the cheapest way to travel to Niagara, he customized the hiking experience to our level of difficulty, and gave us options on which winery we should go to. If you're staying in Toronto, the two hour bus ride to Ken's experience is SO WORTH IT! The views, the hike, the challenge, Ken! Everything was so memorable, we haven't stopped talking about this experience since!”


Sophie, August 2023

“My boyfriend and I did this River and wine tour and had an amazing time! The river views were beautiful and Ken made the whole experience a really fun adventure. As well, the winery we visited at the end of the tour was lovely. Ken also sent us multiple thoughtful suggestions for things to do around the area which we really appreciated.”


Tim, August 2023

“If you're coming to the Niagara area and are reasonably fit, this is a tour not to be missed. The combination of walking, water, wine and chatting with Ken and new friends was wonderful.”


Cathy, August 2023

“This experience was above and beyond our expectations. Ken was a great host. We truly got to experience the waterfalls in a special way. If you are thinking of doing this experience don’t hesitate, you won’t be disappointed.”


Bee, August 2023

“Fantastic experience! My friend and I had the best time on the hike and truly enjoyed the wine tasting. Ken brought expertise and adventure. Highly recommend this for a unique experience with magical views, super fun time!”


Kavindya, August 2023

“Ken is a personable, enthusiastic, and knowledge tour guide/friend!! It was an exhilarating adventure packed with many fun moments and wine tasting!! My partner and I loved Ken’s energy and his enthusiasm for adventure! This was easily the highlight of our summer!”


Alicia, August 2023

“You will love this experience! It’s definitely more physically active than I anticipated but the thrill of the day got us through. Be prepared to be adventurous. Thanks for the great time!”


Laina, August 2023

"This is my second time on this hike with Ken and I've had so much fun! Beautiful energy, adapts well to his audience and makes sure to give a great experience to his guests! I recommend it 100%." 🙌🏾


Kelsey, August 2023

“This hike was beyond what we could have expected. We were the only two people to book, so Ken heavily personalized the hike for our interests and skill set. Ken went above and beyond to give us an amazing time. I highly recommend this excursion!”


Nicole, August 2023

“This experience is truly one of a kind. You hike a trail, chill in a river, swim in waterfalls (yes, plural), and to end it all, taste some wine. And Ken is your personal guide-extraordinaire through it all! The experience on its own, is already great. But Ken raises the bar to satisfy your needs and curate the adventure you want to have. We opted for the more adventurous route, climbing on rocks, scaling inclines, in addition to the regular hike. We swam in not one but two waterfalls bases, and swam/relaxed in other flowing river areas. Ken made a habit of stopping us during the hike to just soak up the nature around us. Truly beautiful. If you’re interested in this adventure, contact Ken about it and he will curate it to you and your group’s interest and skill level. Look no further and book this adventure. A highlight of our trip in Toronto and Niagara. Cheers.”


Emma, August 2023

“Ken provided an unforgettable experience for me and my boyfriend. Although we were exhausted by the end of the day it was for a good cause! Ken was a great tour guide and took us on paths that got us up close and personal with the waterfalls and streams. It was incredible to be standing right underneath the sheer power of a waterfall! And being served wine by Ken along the way was a lovely little treat. The locations were hidden gems and incredible to experience!”


Camilla, August 2023

“Ken was awesome! Super personable and knowledgeable about the area. We learned some fun facts, got great exercise, sampled delicious wine, and the views were spectacular! Could not ask for more. The experience was way better than we anticipated! Would definitely recommend.”


Sherri, July 2023

“Thanks for a great adventure! A great hike, good wine and an all around fun experience! LOVED Cornerstone Estate!”


Maya, July 2023

“The hike was great! Ken was able to tailor the experience to our group - we had some experienced hikers and he was able to take us to some great locations! Ken also made sure we got great group pictures and videos of everyone and shared them afterwards. The winery he brought us too was amazing! They provided us with a private wine tasting and allowed us to try almost all of their wines. I would definitely recommend this experience!!”


Lizzy, July 2023

“Amazing and unique opportunity! My friend and I absolutely loved our time. Ken is very friendly and funny and on top of that he is very knowledgeable about the area. He takes you to the best natural hidden secrets in the area! We had an absolutely amazing time. Thanks for everything!”


Victoria, July 2023

“Unique and highly enjoyable experience! If you like to hike (on and off trails), have a little fun in the water, and get up close and personal with waterfalls… look no further! Get all this plus a knowledgeable, friendly, and fantastic guide and who serves up cold wine to sip while you sit in the water!! And even better, he takes photos and videos of the adventure and shares with you after. If you are considering, book it!!! This was a highlight of our trip and one of our favorite booked excursions that we’ve ever done… all for a great price. Can’t recommend highly enough.. wish I could give Ken 10 stars!”


Kate, July 2023

“Just came away from the trip and felt compelled to write a review immediately saying how good this tour is. Ken is fantastic company and we really connected and just generally had a fantastic time talking and walking. The sights were beautiful and even though it chucked down with rain, the day was more beautiful for it. Thank you Ken, for an unforgettable morning!”


Matthew, July 2023

“The wine tasting wraps up the adventure very well.

Great experience!"


Amy, July 2023

“Ken is incredible! His upbeat, funny, charismatic and live-out-loud personality is infectious. Best experience I've ever had! Once in a lifetime ✨️ Definitely 10/10 experience.”


Charlene, July 2023

“I highly recommend this tour especially if you have a sense of adventure and love nature. I would do this again.”


Michelle, July 2023

"This was one of the most awesome experiences that my husband and I had ever done! I want to go back again!! I didn't know what to expect when I impromptu signed us up for hiking, waterfall, and wine, but the pictures looked like fun! And of course my husband didn't really want to go. We get to the meeting spot, and Ken was prompt and nice! Very friendly. He knew right away that my husband was coerced into coming! Haha! I knew right then this was going to be a good day! The area was BEAUTIFUL - it took my breath away to get that close to a waterfall! We made some friends and got an actual, personal wine tasting, unlike what we got from some of the bigger wineries, where if you didn't have an appointment, they couldn't help you! This made our entire trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake. Go with an open mind, and shoes you don't mind getting wet! Have fun!!!!"


MJ, July 2023

"This was an incredible experience! With Ken’s expertise on the trail he was able to personalize the hike making it a highlight of the vacation and one to remember! Ken is fun, knowledgeable and accommodating! Book this experience!"


Andrew, July 2023

“This was a fantastic hike. As long as you’re willing to go off the beaten path, you’ll be rewarded with several views of nature you won’t get anywhere else. Thank you for the fantastic experience. I had a great time."


Victor, July 2023

“This was an all round excellent experience. Ken was the perfect host, he made the already great hike and wine even better. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone interested in hikes and/or wine. It's well worth the money. Thanks a lot for going out of your way to make the experience great, Ken.”


Carolina, June 2023

“Ken was amazing! What an experience! Recommend to anybody that wants to experience a beautiful hike with a super knowledgeable guide. Thanks Ken! Wonderful job! Thanks for making this an experience we will never forget. What an incredible group! We appreciate everything and will recommend!”


Frank, June 2023

“My gf and I had an awesome time celebrating our anniversary with Ken. We made new friends within our group as well! It made our great experience worth every penny. Ken is a crazy beast on hikes so you’ll be in good hands. He definitely knows what he’s doing. The wine tasting at the end was the cherry on top. Highly recommend!”


Larry, May 2023

"Do you want to have an awesome time? Are you tired of the same old same old with wine tours? Treat yourself and let Ken lead you to one of the most beautiful areas outside of Niagara falls. You will completely enjoy all the history and knowledge he brings, and your journey ends at one of the best wineries we tried in the area. If you don't have a fear of getting a little dirty or a little wet, you will have a blast. Ken is personable, kind, and will help tailor your journey to meet your hiking needs. You do need good shoes, and be prepared for a moderate intensity hike, but when you are finished, you will be happy you did it. Great value for the area, and an "unpretentious" laid-back experience at a great winery."


Ben, May 2023

"Ken provided my girlfriend with the most magical hike. Neither of us imagined how beautiful the locations would be. I cannot recommend this experience enough."


David, May 2023

“I took my girlfriend for a fun, exploring experience and we weren't disappointed. It was an amazing adventure full of exciting moments and beautiful sights. Ken was a great guide and took us through the less travelled road.”


Megan, May 2023

“If you're looking for a carefree day-trip out of Toronto, I recommend this tour! It was a great mix of nature, wine and the local experience. The hike offers a beautiful escape from Toronto - in under 2 hours! Ken was lovely and added insider knowledge and personal touches to the hike. The wine tasting at the local winery was very intimate and offered a detailed experience with the wine makers daughter! The wine was also delicious! Definitely recommend :)”


Sue, April 2023

"Ken was awesome! We were encouraged at every step and was well worth it. The hike was beautiful! Tons of laughs, a few beers, great awesome adventure! Definitely recommend! Ken, thanks for the adventure! we climbed a mountain!! 😆 lol"


Ana, March 2023

"Great experience, even in winter, in which it is possible to connect with nature and enjoy beautiful landscapes on the bank of the river. Ken is a very fun and nice person who knows everything about the area. I was in the center of Toronto and went by public transportation, it was very quiet. I'll be back in the summer to get to know the experience in another way! I'd do it again for sure.


Kelly, February 2023

“Our experience with Ken was better then expected. He went above and beyond to make sure we had a great time, saw lots of beauty, and tasted wine at a great "personal touch" winery. I could go into more detail, but don't want to give away too much because the things he keeps a surprise are worth waiting for. The day after our experience was my birthday, and Ken went as far as making lunch and dinner reservations for us at places he thought I would love, and I did. I definitely recommend this experience for any couples or groups, who want to have fun, like a bit of a challenge, enjoy seeing beautiful landscape and want the personal touches.”


Sherri, February 2023

“We cannot recommend Ken and this awesome experience enough! First, Ken is so friendly and made us feel comfortable and welcomed right from the start. He knows a lot about the trail, the river and the area itself, and we enjoyed hearing about and sharing stories of outdoor adventures. The hike was gorgeous - the river, the views, the falls, everything and we got lots of opportunities to stop and appreciate the nature around us… with some yummy wine, what could be better?? The wine tasting at Cornerstone was a beyond perfect end to our hike - a family-run winery with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Nina was so friendly and knowledgeable, and the wines were amazing! Thank you so much to Ken for the awesome experience… we will be back!!”


Maggie, January 2023

“Just book it! My husband and I got a Personal tour on a Saturday afternoon in January. The winter landscape is beautiful. This tour is a hike along a picturesque riverbed full of boulders. Pit stops include 2 big Waterfalls, some buildings from the 1800s and of course wine & Story telling. The finale of the tour is a friendly family owned winery. Nina our bartender was super friendly and very knowledgeable. Ken, the Airbnb host will also keep you laughing. We had a Great time!”


McCoy, December 2022

“Ken is AMAZING! (inside joke) we loved the personal touch he put won everything. We had the opportunity to go to some incredibly beautiful spots! I highly recommend!”


Andres, November 2022

“Two words, Fab-ulous!! Thank you so much Ken for the awesome hike. My boyfriend and I enjoyed every second of this experience. Beautiful scenery, lots of laughs, great conversations, and of course the wine! Do not pass this experience up, you will definitely not regret it.”


Wanda, November 2022

“Ken was an amazing guide and we loved the waterfalls along our trail. The wine tasting following the hike was a great experience at Stone Ridge soon to be Crush. Recommended for those into wine and nature trails.”


Maria, October 2022

“Ken was a super friendly, funny and knowledgeable guide for our hike. Fantastic bar tender and made sure we were safe. It was a great experience!”


Evan, November 2022

“Ken is a tremendous guide, and I had a wonderful experience on this hike! We had great conversation and some absolutely stunning views of Ontario’s forests and rivers. I’m not much of a hiker in my day-to-day life, so while this hike was a workout, it was well within my ability. Ken’s guidance was also super helpful on this front. The wine tasting afterwards was excellent, and the host there made it an excellent experience! I would recommend Ken’s hike and wine tasting experience to any of my friends who are willing to do a little work to get some absolutely gorgeous views and excellent wine. Also, Ken has some excellent recommendations for what to do and eat in the Niagara and Toronto areas, and none of his recommendations have let me down yet!”


Selam, September 2022

“Ken is a very knowledgeable and really awesome guide. We loved the adventures and hope to meet him again when we get back to the Niagara region for more adventure. I recommend anyone who loves adventure to try this experience.”


Bianca, September 2022

“I had a wonderful time on my river hike, with my awesome guide Ken. The scenery was magical and worth the work put into seeing it. It was challenging for me but I pushed myself and was proud by the end of it. I would definitely recommend this experience, Ken was knowledgeable about the area and took time to point things out during our hike. The beauty and peaceful moments of the area, the chilled wine and good companionship make this a great tour. Special shout out to the winery! I left with two bottles and I tasted the best ice wine ever.”


Jen, September 2022

“SO much fun!! We spent the day exploring a beautiful area including hiking trails, rock hopping, river wading & standing under a fabulous waterfall! The best part was that we laughed the entire time & then ended our adventures at Cornerstone Winery where we enjoyed tasting delicious wines! Thanks Ken for making our day so enjoyable!!”


Christie, September 2022

“What an experience! It was far more than we expected, Ken really took the time to connect with the group and took us through some spots and trails that were definitely ‘off the beaten path’. It was our afternoon activity for a bachelorette weekend and it was a unique mix of beautiful hiking, delicious wine and group bonding. We had a very memorable time. Wear comfortable shoes and be ready for an adventure :)”


Clair, September 2022

“Such a fun and unique experience!! The entire group had a blast!”


Sandi, September 2022

"One of the best outdoor experiences within striking distance of Toronto. Great hike in a hidden gem location to 2 tranquil waterfalls plus a wine tasting to finish. What more could you want in a day? And the guide is super fun, personable and makes the experience a truly memorable one. Great for all seasons as well as you can see different views . Highly recommend."


Stacia, September 2022

“What a fantastic way to spend an afternoon! Ken is an absolute hoot. He loves to engage with guests, tease and be teased. Treat him like he is part of the gang, rather than liked the hired help, and you will have a great experience. The falls were really beautiful. Depending on the time of year, you can get very close to them, even swim up to them. The water is quite cold getting in, but the swimming was a real highlight for us. Ken is very supportive and patient. Some small parts of the walk are challenging climbs, but he showed us step by step footholds and handholds to make it safe and doable. He shared some great photos he took of us, and he even poured us glasses of wine to enjoy during breaks. He was also terrific at stopping us from time to time, to remind us to look up from our feet (the path is pretty rocky), to take in the view and enjoy the surroundings. Make sure to wear good shoes, not sandals, sneakers or flip flops. We were fine with good quality trail shoes with deep treads - i never found myself wishing that I had worn my hiking boots. You don't need a bathing suit if you are comfortable swimming in your shorts and t shirt. I didnt mind being wet, as it kept me cool at the end of the walk. The winery at the end was very casual and low key - Mina didn't mind us coming in damp and grubby. Mina was also a great part of the experience. She was knowledgeable about the wine and very generous with the tasting. And the peach salsa is delicious!”


Paula, September 2022

"Fantastic afternoon with Ken at the helm. The hike took us to places most of us would never find on our own and the outing just kept getting better as it progressed. Ken is a great guide; engaging, fun, always keeping an eye out for his guests, and he keeps it interesting all along the way.

The hike requires you to be in decent health and assumes you can do some climbing over uneven terrain, rocks and hillsides, but it is certainly not out of reach for most people. Ken will ask everyone at the beginning how comfortable they are with hiking so he can tailor the afternoon to your specific comfort level.

Good running shoes with some tread are a must , but hiking boots are not necessary. DO NOT wear sandals or flip flops. Your feet WILL get wet at times though and you may be walking through water with shoes as well. The waterfalls are magnificent and such fun to either swim under or just get wet under. And of course, having a few sips of wine along the way just made the day so much better. The winery visit at the end was also very nice and it was great way to cap a fantastic day. Highly recommend this experience! Thanks Ken!"


Noa, September 2022

“I like this tour so much! Ken has amazing personality and he cared about me and gave so many tips! He know places perfectly and it was my complete pleasure to meet him :) I recommend everyone!”


Jeffrey, September 2022

“What an amazing experience. Ken was wonderful. The hike was great. Trust Ken and you will have an unforgettable experience.”


Tatiana, August 2022

“Ken was absolutely awesome. His personality made our day. I'd like to strongly recommend this trip to everyone who wants to have a wonderful time.”


Taylor, August 2022

“Wow what an adventure! My friends and I had an amazing experience with Ken. The communication was super easy, quick, hilarious and extremely helpful. He was very accommodating and proactive in reaching out within a reasonable time when there were weather concerns. The hike was immensely rewarding and peaceful with a lot of camaraderie! Our group enjoyed the waterfalls and swimming in the river. The wine tasting at the end was the cherry on top with such a variety of delicious wines. Ken is the most thoughtful, gracious super host! He went way beyond to make our first trip to Canada comfortable and memorable with excellent restaurant and shop recommendations. Would absolutely recommend this experience and plan to do this again with Ken!”


Andrew, August 2022

“An amazing, one-of-a-kind experience hiking, climbing and wine-tasting with Ken. Appreciate his sense of humour, his ability to encourage, and knowledge of the area. A gem.”


Chamira, August 2022

“Ken is AMAZING! Come with an open mind and a great sense of humor. You won’t be disappointed!”


Lauren, August 2022

“Simply amazing! It exceeded our expectations by 1 million. Ken was so awesome. The hike is incredible - waterfalls are gorgeous. It felt so cleansing and we had the entire place to ourselves the whole time. It was so beautiful and so serene. Ken was great company and we shared a lot of good laughs. Beyond highly recommend. Can’t wait for more!”


Cathy, August 2022

“Had a wonderful time with Ken. His sense of humor added a relaxing atmosphere. He took us on paths that are unknown by the average person thus leading to a more private and personal tour. We certainly had a great time.”


Shannon, August 2022

"LOVED every second of this experience! Beautiful scenery, lots of laughs, and lots of wine! Ken is an amazing host - energetic, positive, and hilarious. He meticulously teams up with local businesses who support each other - loved that unique, community-minded aspect. Ken is very intelligent and has amazing anecdotes of his international travels and social work background. Highly recommend this experience!"


Evelin, August 2022

"I was absolutely mesmerized by Ken’s wine tour adventure. It was one of the best days of my life. I felt so much happiness and peace. Ken is an amazing soul. Genuine, entertaining and kind. His energy radiates, he will have you laughing and having the best time of your life. This experience was absolutely magical!!! I never imagined experiencing such an adventure so close to home. I felt like I was on vacation. I have been to excursions in other countries that weren’t as great as this. I will be going back to do the fall version and the winter version. Trust Ken and let your soul get lost in nature. You will not regret it. I don’t want to give much away as this adventure is full of surprises but each will 100% surpass your expectations. Throughout the adventure just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, it did!!! The scenery is absolutely mind blowing. I think everyone needs to experience this beauty. My soul left feeling so refreshed. I will never forget this trip. Best day ever!!!! I cannot wait to book another tour with Ken and am encouraging all my family and friends to do it."


Jenna, August 2022

“Hike was fantastic! Such a beautiful location and Ken was such a great host. No shortage of good conversation, beautiful views, and great wine. Highly recommend.”


Mj, August 2022

“THE BEST AIRBNB EXPERIENCE I EVER HAD. Highly recommend to everyone who visit Niagara region. Thank you so much for hosting us Ken! 캐나다의 자연을 느끼게 해주고 싶어서 한국에서 온 친구들을 대려갔는데, 다들 너무 행복해하고 즐거운 경험을 했어요. 열린 마음으로 자연을 느끼고 싶은 사람들에게 정말 추천합니다.”


Andrea, August 2022

“Loved every moment of this experience!! Ken was an excellent host, energetic and engaging, a genuine pleasure to spend the morning with! He was attentive and made suggestions along the way to ensure that our experience was an enjoyable one. I would highly recommend this adventure… it was a highlight of our time in Niagara!!”


Erin, August 2022

“This was a remarkable experience my partner and I will likely never forget. Amazing views, great tour guide that customized to our abilities, and absolutely delicious wines. Definitely worth every penny.”


Alyssa, August 2022

“Ken is an amazing guide. Not only was the wine and hike outta this world, but so was he! We spent our day laughing, walking and sipping wine. The river and trails were beautiful. He has amazing recommendations for things to do around the area which was also very helpful. Overall, it was a memory of a lifetime and I'm so glad I got to experience it. If you like nature and wine, this tour is a no brainer!”


Sarah, August 2022

“The hike was incredible and Ken was an experienced and encouraging guide! He got into the water to swim, which convinced us to jump in too. The water was so amazing we didn’t want to get out! This is an experience not to miss!”


Jimmy, August 2022

“A truly one of a kind experience. The scenery was breathtaking with lots of laughs. These are not your typical high traffic trails. It felt like we had the place to ourselves. You may work up a sweat in spots but Ken is very attentive and there are lots of stops to take in the beauty of Twenty Mile Creek. Ken is a phenomenal guide (and bartender!) So glad we decided to do this. This is not a cushy tour of wineries- it is a hike with wine along the way and 1-2 wineries at the end.”


Lisette, August 2022

“So much fun! My boyfriend and I did this tour with Ken and I couldn’t recommend it more! It was definitely very engaging. The “hidden spot” was beautiful! Highly recommend!”


Dave, July 2022

"Imagine hiking through a forest and along a river with a newfound someone who knows the trail and the area intimately. He guides you to places you never would have discovered yourself and creates mystical moments when you can embrace the natural beauty and serenity of the Balls Falls area. Now add to this that your guide has a witty sense of humor, customizes your experience to your wants and abilities then throws in some wonderful wine tasting to top it all off!
When my wife and I imagined our wine tour hiking adventure with Ken we didn't even come close to the reality of the experience. It was a fun and entertaining afternoon that we will never forget. As the hike progressed Ken transitioned from being a guide to a friend. He was able to instill in us some of the passion he feels for the area and, of course, the wines! We are highly recommending Ken's wine tour to our family and friends."


Vanni, July 2022

“Ken provided an amazing experience for my girlfriend and I! we came in expecting a normal guided hike, but this was so much more. I won't spoil anything, but just know that Ken is super knowledgeable about the area and he'll go to great lengths to ensure you enjoy the trip. do yourself a favor and take the plunge!!”


Madi, July 2022

“Ken was a fantastic host. My husband and I did this for our anniversary, and it was the best experience of our whole trip. We had gone to Hawaii on our previous anniversary, and somehow Ken found a way to top it with this. Seriously a magical experience. Don't be afraid to get in the water, so make sure to wear clothes you can swim in (or a bathing suit). Ken takes you off the path and it is really an adventure. I don't want to give much more than that away. The wine was tasty, it was just my husband and I so felt very intimate. Ken will match your style, so don't be afraid of the hike, and it's all worth it in the end! Please don't pass this experience up, you will not regret going on this trip with your friends/family and your amazing host Ken! Other note that I thought made a real difference between this and other hiking experiences with a guide: Ken lets you try to do things on your own and encourages it. He didn't treat us like glass and only offered a hand when I asked or if he could tell I wanted it. Instead of trying to force help us, he would point to best spots and easiest accesses. Made a very notable difference in the experience. If possible, pick a morning, weekday trip for less chance of running into other hikers. We went on a Tuesday morning and didn't have to share space with anyone. Also, would have loved to tip Ken but I didn't have Canadian money on me and Venmo/Zelle/etc doesn't work US to Canada so make sure to bring Canadian money if you're wanting to tip (and you probably will :) Last thing, a few days before your experience he will send you some recommendations of things to do. TAKE HIM UP ON THEM. He has some good ones!! Never steered us wrong.”


Marc, July 2022

“A great local experience of a beautiful stream in wine country between Lakes Erie and Ontario. Meet up was as expected, a short van drive to the trailhead, a woodsy walk sometimes on the trail, sometimes off, and sometimes in the river itself! Ken is experienced enough to know what a couple or group would like, how much "adventure" to include, and does it effortlessly. Even though we're "older," Ken knew we wanted a challenge, and went for it. Highlights were Ken's energy and encouragement, his own absolute delight in people and place, and the experience of sitting in the river with a glass. But the ultimate was laughing maniacally while a 60 foot waterfall poured on our heads! Wasn't expecting such a joyful experience. And the post trip wine tasting was icing on the cake, or froth on the stream. If you are looking for "entertainment," best look elsewhere. If you want a unique experience of nature that will test you a little bit, and build your confidence, this is a must do trip. Kudos to Ken for pulling this off so well.”


Anika, July 2022

“Amazing experience! Ken is truly an awesome host. He was hilarious, patient, courteous, and attentive, and really tailored the experience to fit our celebration. He was super knowledgeable about the area, and the hike we went on felt like we came across a hidden gem. Ken is really good at making sure everyone is taken care of AND having fun, especially considering we were a larger group (7 women), we cannot say enough nice things about Ken and this entire experience! The brewery was also great, their fries are a must and great beer options, and Ken made sure we were taken care of before politely excusing himself to let us enjoy the evening together. He truly made our weekend spectacular!”


Joe, July 2022

“Ken is a super fun guide with a very humourous and outgoing personality who knows how to adjust the hike exactly to each group's expectations.”


Petra, July 2022

“Thank you so much Ken for the awesome morning hike. My husband and I throughly enjoyed our private guide, great conversations and beautiful scenery (don’t want to ruin for anyone else) and the wine! We would recommend this hike, and it was great to get photos taken by Ken and sent to us afterwards.”


Tristan, July 2022

“Great host, definitely would recommend and try again!”


Indigo, July 2022

“Ken is an amazing guide! He was incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. The views were beautiful and Ken was so encouraging for the new hiker in our group. He did a great job personalizing the hike for us, and the winery at the end was well worth it!! We had so much fun talking to our server Nina who was also very knowledgeable! Ken also gave us wonderful recommendations for the area. Highly recommended.”


Lismeldy, July 2022

“Everything was great! My boyfriend and I enjoyed the hike and learned so much. Super informative and thoughtful experience.”


Forough, July 2022

"Ken was an awesome tour guide. He made us laugh the entire time. I would definitely recommend him to anyone out there who is into outdoor activities and drinking wine."


Dylan, July 2022

"It was truly the definition of an amazing experience! The scenery and the hike were magical and very soothing! Ken is a great guy and ensures that everybody has fun. He is very easy to connect with which makes the experience even more enjoyable! We spent a lot of time in the water and Ken captured some amazing pictures to commemorate our adventure! Overall, I would recommend it to anybody who is looking for a fabulous adventure!


Anjali, July 2022

“This experience was so much fun!! Ken was also so engaging and really made the experience all the more worth it. He made so many jokes with my group and I, we l literally never stopped laughing! Not too mention he brought his phone out to the water to make sure we got pictures and videos of the experience. We will definitely be back soon! It was definitely worth every penny, we highly recommend!”


Tarun, July 2022

"Ken was a fantastic host who went well beyond what we expected and made this one of the most fun experiences of our lives. Ken genuinely wants his guests to have a great time and will make sure everyone is enjoying. I fully recommend that everyone try this experience as it is like no other. Can’t wait to be back!"


Steven, July 2022

“Fun experience swimming beneath the falls and hiking through the river! Winery had decent wine too. Ken is a great guy to talk to, takes great pics, and knows the area really well.”


Amaris, July 2022

"The hike was fantastic, thanks to Ken! He made sure that our trip was memorable and he was very knowledgeable! The view itself is mesmerizing and I would recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a fun and unforgettable adventure!"


Mike, June 2022

“Ken went above and beyond for us! We had an amazing time and would highly recommend doing this! Locations were perfect. The sites were beautiful, fun and sometimes challenging - in a good way. 10 out of 10 experience.”


Krista, June 2022

“We had an amazing day. The hike was so much fun. The scenery was beautiful and swimming under the falls was a blast. The wineries were great as well. The hosts were very welcoming and knowledgeable. They let us taste whatever we wanted and answered all of our questions. Highly recommended.”


Sarah, June 2022

“We had the best time on the hike with Ken. He adapted the route to the group and took us right into the waterfalls. He took so many pictures and shared them with us so we had a record of the day. The wineries and lunch spot he picked were great and he provided helpful recommendations in the area. This outing was the highlight of our weekend!”


Anirudh, June 2022

“Ken has a penchant for the road less travelled. Took us on an amazing trail with beautiful views. Was also a wealth of knowledge. Thank you, Ken .”


Andy, June 2022

"Amazing adventure close to home for us. Ken is enthusiastic and knowledgeable of the area. He guided us along the Bruce Trail, the Twenty Mile river and into and around the falls. I suggest good shoes, pack a snack, and change of clothes is all you need. We finished our trip at Cornerstone Estate Winery for delicious and informative tastings. I highly recommend as a family and/or group activity. Thank you Ken and Nina it’s a day our family and friends will not forget!!" 🍷


Tamara, June 2022

"Amazing experience with our family. Great scenery. Adventurous but not scary and an unforgettable day with family. I could not believe this beautiful spot was so close to home. Thank you Ken for reminding us to look in our own backyard. Beauty of nature is waiting to be found."


Marina, June 2022

“My husband and I had a blast, was definitely an experience we won’t forget.”


Abhishek, June 2022

“Trust me, take this journey with Ken, because without him there is no way you can find such an off beaten path to hike."


Julia, June 2022

"Such an incredible day. We hiked to some amazing locations, got outside of our comfort zones and drank delicious wine. Highly recommend for friends, families or anyone looking for an adventure!"


Michael, May 2022

"Awesome experience! We are very adventurous and outdoorsy people and had a great time with Ken hiking across river rocks, going under/behind waterfalls. Would absolutely do this again!"


Yvonne, May 2022

“Had a great time. Ken was mindful of limitations. Loved the scenery and the personal challenge. Overall wonderful time. Ken was great.”


Aina, May 2022

"Ken is just a great person and very conscientious. We enjoyed spending time with Ken on the hike thoroughly. He’s very funny, kind, and personable. Hoping to see you again on our next adventure to Toronto!"


Franco, May 2022

"It was a very cool experience to walk along the river with Ken. With occasional  break and a sip of wine at the waterfall you can really enjoy nature."


Esther, May 2022

“The experience was great and I was happy I booked with the host. I will cherish forever.”


Ashley, May 2022

“Super great experience! Ken is a super host, being able to get under two waterfalls is an experience you don’t want to miss!”


Sandra, May 2022

“My 21 yr old son and I totally enjoyed our morning excursion with Ken. Ken was a wealth of knowledge about the area and an engaging host. He is very passionate about the are and the Bruce in particular, and told us stories of his own journeys. Ken also will adjust the challenge of your walk to the skills and abilities of the group, which is fantastic. Wine tasting at Cornerstone was fantastic and we came away with a few bottles! Be sure to pay attention to his recommendations for shoes and quick dry clothes (esp shirts) to make for the best experience. Highly recommend!”


Zivah, April 2022

"Thank you Ken for this experience! Hike was great and wine was phenomenal. Ken has a wealth of knowledge and I appreciated his commentary on the history and background of the area. Most definitely recommend this trip and would go again."


Dino, May 2022

"Undeniably the best walking/hiking tour I’ve ever had! The waterfalls and the nature spots that Ken was able to show us were simply riveting. This guy really has taken his time to make the excursion somewhat challenging and adventurous, yet extremely enjoyable. He brings you some wine for the tour, takes some photos and even glass cups! Also, the stories are just hilarious. Top it all off the winery he brings you to at the end is extremely charming and personable. Overall this tour is definitely a 5 out of 5. An alternative way to check out the wine region that is both memorable and magical for any couple or group. I would highly recommend this to any couple or group of friends that are down for some adventure. Thank you so much Ken for your tremendous passion and genuine hospitality!"


Diego, April 2022

"Ken is very knowledgeable and caring. Our hike was amazing and he kept the entire experience interesting and engaging!! Thank you Ken, you were amazing!!!


Steve, April 2022

"A great adventure, exceeded our expectations. A beautiful hike along the river to the two waterfalls. Ken was engaged and engaging, a fun and energetic host along the way. We thoroughly enjoyed his company and stories along the way. The wine experience at Cornerstone was exceptional. Nina spent a solid hour with us talking wine, food, family - it was an absolute delight to meet her. We're extremely happy we chose this trek."


Ali, April 2022

“Ken was amazing !!! Would recommend to everyone!!! Thank you for everything again Ken ! We had a great time !”


Kelly, April 2022

"I’ve traveled and done many tours but none compare to this one. Not only is Ken a great guide — he is a great person and extremely humorous. There wasn’t one dull moment with Ken. After the tour, he gave great recommendations to many local favorites (all were great). If I find myself back in Niagara, I will definitely fit this in the schedule again!!


Vandra, March 2022

"It was fantastic! Ken made the experience thoroughly enjoyable and pushed us just a little out of our comfort zone, which was great! He showed us things off the beaten path that we likely would not have ventured to try on our own!"


Areeb, April 2022

"My girlfriend and I had a great time on the hike and wine tasting. Ken takes you off the beaten path and you will explore areas you wouldn’t have known about otherwise. The wine tasting was also by far the best we have been on. Highly recommend!"


Robyn, March 2022

"Such a great experience! We had so much fun & Ken was awesome to hang out with! Highly highly recommend!

Thank you so much for the awesome day!"


Jennifer, March 2022

“I came to Canada with my family from Puerto Rico for the first time and we had an AMAZING time. Ken was great, fun and very knowledgeable. The hike was breathtaking and such a thrill. The wine tasting with Nina at the end was really fun. Thank you so much! We had so much fun and my family loved it. I definitely need to come back.”


Colin, February 2022

"Ken did a perfect job of leading us through a beautiful winter wonderland. He balances the experience to adjust the hike to the varying skill levels of the guests to ensure everyone is comfortable. The liquid encouragement doesn’t hurt either. Would love to do it again to see the different seasons!"


Beth, March 2022

"Ken is an excellent host and the views on this hike are fantastic. We had to skip part of the hike due to icy conditions but the winter views of the falls were extraordinary. Ken is very knowledgeable in the history and topography of area. Ken is very personable and conversational making you feel like you are old friends. The winery stop was excellent and personable as well. I would highly recommend this experience!"

Tessa, October 2021

"Absolutely book this experience!! Ken takes you all the way off the beaten path to sites and locations you won’t find on your own but will blow your mind. I touched a salmon in the river as it swam by!! He thoughtfully made a lot of little adjustments for me and my skill level to make sure I was having the most fun. We went to a lovely little winery and sampled Ice Wine, a first for me! He went so far above and beyond, I can’t thank him enough. It was a magical day. Ken is an incredible human being. Even if the hike had not been spectacular, it was have been a grand time hanging out with him."   <3

Rosalind, October 2021

"You’ll want to book this tour NOW. Ken is a humorous and gracious guide. If you’re not an outdoorsy person, he makes the time fly. And if you love being in nature, you’ll find a kindred friend in him. There’s no way we would have had nearly the same amazing experience without his lead. The views are stunning! Of all the places we could be, things we could do, this one left our hearts expanded and smiling. The memories bring back the same feelings. We’re ready to go back and do it again!"

Kimberly, September 2021

"A truly memorable hike where we experienced Mother Nature at her absolute best! Ken took us on a gorgeous hike that was well-paced with breaks to take in beautiful views and enjoy sips of wine as well as learn about the local landscape and area. He was an extremely friendly, knowledgeable and attentive guide who always had our comfort and experience top of mind. We were lucky enough to enjoy the more adventurous side of the trail which concluded with an exceptional surprise (you’ll want to be surprised so I won’t ruin it). Afterwards, Ken took us to a lovely family-owned winery for a tasting. It ended up being our favourite of all the wineries we visited in Niagara-on-the-Lake during our anniversary weekend. To enjoy an exceptional experience like this with an exceptional guide at an affordable price is super rare—don’t hesitate to book! Ken also sent us his list of local recommendations which were awesome. After we left Ken, we rented bikes to continue touring wineries and per his recommendation, found a hidden beach. Do yourself a favour and don’t miss out on this unique tour!"

Adrienne, September 2021

"When I booked this experience I was in that adventure mindset. When it came to the day of, and we thought it was going to thunderstorm and rain during the experience I was more interested in just sitting back and trying new wines instead of hiking. Ken was very gracious in giving us options if we didn’t even do the experience. I’ll admit we weren’t dressed properly for hiking but I didn’t care once we got into it because it was just simply a fantastic day with fun challenges, and magnificent scenery. It didn’t end up raining until well after we were settled in wine tasting. With Ken’s personality and attitude it made me want to climb hills, wade through water and experience nature! My Honey and I had such a great time and so many memorable pictures to show our family and friends. Thank you Ken for everything! Including the Wine glasses that weren’t plastic! Lol. It’s touches like that, that make it even better. Namaste Ken! People should not miss out on a day with you! P.S. Ken recommended the perfect restaurant to have our dinner that evening also. Not going to tell you the name of the restaurant or the very lovely Winery we attended. You’ll have to book an experience with Ken to find out!"

Iris, December 2021

"This was an amazing experience, I can highly recommend! Ken is a great guide and also a great person. I’ve traveled all over the world but this tour was a definite highlight. We arrived as strangers but left as friends!"

Paul, November 2021

"This was absolutely incredible. My wife has been on MANY guided tours around the world and she believes this was one of the best, if not the best. Extremely fulfilling hike. Ken was able to adapt, tweak and personalize the tour masterfully on the fly to our needs or challenges. The wineries are absolutely wonderful and Ken is revered by the owners. Bring a positive attitude, a sense of humour and adventure, I guarantee you’ll book this again!"

Lakshmi, October 2021

"This was an amazing experience and we couldn't have asked for a better guide!! Ken also has a wealth of knowledge for the area and gave us lots of places to check out. The river hike is amazing and it will definitely leave you wanting more!! I would recommend this guide to anyone who wants an adventurous hike!"

Julie, October 2021

"Ken was an excellent host. We got lost on our way to meet him and he was totally flexible! We lucked out on beautiful weather and he kept managing amazing surprises (that you just have to trust will be amazing) along the way. I would definitely recommend this experience!"

Rachel, December 2021

"Ken is a legend! Fantastic communication leading up to the day and day of, and Ken is someone who you can speak freely with like an old friend. Hike itself was wonderful, you get the experience of a whole new side to the Niagara region. Would wholeheartedly recommend."

Amrita, September 2021

"This was such an incredible experience!
We’ll definitely be back :D Ken was amazing and had all these hidden gems that we would’ve never experienced had we done the hike alone. The wine tasting was also a very personalized experience. 5 stars aren’t enough for this!"

George, September, 2021

"An absolute amazing experience! Could not recommend enough. Beautiful spots - unknown to many. Ken is so much fun and a wonderful host. We will be telling all our friends to visit Canada just for this experience!"

Vincent, September 2021

"We had an unbelievable time with Ken! He’s a super thoughtful and engaging guide. He added several small touches that really made the experience much more gratifying and enjoyable. Don’t hesitate to partake in this tour. We had a blast!"

Amanda, August 2021

"Ken is an absolute gem!! This was the perfect kick off for a bachelorette weekend. We were very fortunate to have some wonderful folks on the adventure with us and Ken kept all our spirits high and banter going. The hike was beautiful and tailored to everyone’s abilities. The winery was very quaint and a lovely way to end the day. Will highly recommend this experience
and return myself."

Natalie, August 2021

"I did this tour twice and would do it again! It’s fun, refreshing, and so worth it in the end. You will not be disappointed. Thanks, Ken!"

Rachel, August 2021

"Absolutely AMAZING experience! 100% must-book if vacationing or visiting the Niagara region - Ken is outstanding, funny, super knowledgeable and makes you feel right at home. Hike is FANTASTIC - be prepared for getting wet!! Winery post-hike is equally amazing, great selection and Nina is the sweetest! Highly recommend this trip among all others! I will be booking again, and again, and again!!"

Shibani, August 2021

"I can confidently say that this experience with Ken has been one of the most meaningful life experiences I have ever had! Ken is SO amazing. I’ve never met anyone so personable and easy going. His energy is so positive and radiant, it makes you want to engage yourself even more into the experience. The hike was crazy beautiful. And the people who were also part of my group were so friendly and welcoming! Honestly this experience made my trip a thousand times better and I can’t thank Ken enough. I was searching for an experience that would bring me inner peace and happiness as I was traveling solo and this has successfully done so. The winery after was magical we well, Nina at Cornerstone winery was lovely and the ice wine was delicious! All of us were laughing and cracking so many jokes in the end! In terms of the hike, it is a little bit of a moderate one but so worth it. The more you’re willing to immerse yourself in the hike and waterfall, the better your experience will be. 10/10 recommend."

Nadine, August 2021

"Ken treated us to a river and wine extravaganza! He gave us some helpful tips in advance and made sure we came prepared - bathing suit and all. The hike definitely required some moderate level of fitness and a willingness to jump in, get your feet wet, and scramble up a hill or two. He took us off the beaten path, and gave us an experience to remember. If you like to adventure and be in nature, this is the wine experience for you! Wine by a waterfall, real hiking experience followed by a full fledged and personable wine tour at a beautiful family just can’t go wrong.
Thanks, Ken! You knocked it out of the park!"

Makambe, August 2021

"Such a great experience!! I would definitely recommend this. Bring your adventurous spirit and a sense of humour. Ken is a really kind, knowledgeable and fun host and he takes really good care of his guests. We visited the Niagara area for a few days and several activities, and this was by far our favourite. Bonus: Ken also gave us a really great list of things to do and explore in the area so we had some really thoughtful recommendations of
where we could have even more fun!"

Stephanie, July 2021

"Ken was an absolute joy! This trip ended up being so much better than any of us even imagined! Swimming in the water falls while being served wine was a real treat! The hike was challenging & so beautiful! We will be back for sure! Thank you, Ken,
for bringing all your positive energy ! We loved it!"

Oliver, July 2021

"This tour was everything we expected and MUCH more! Ken was an amazing guide who not only knows the area very well but also entertained us along the way with humour and drinks. Do not expect this to be a regular hike but what you get is an experience of a lifetime. I don't want to spoil the beans, but I'll say it's definitely worth the money even if you are an experienced hiker
and be ready to get wet!"
"This is a great experience. Ken will take you to nature's hidden gem. I could not have discovered the locations on my own. Breathtaking views! Strongly recommend the experience with him! Definitely will be trying his full day trip in the near future."

Marina, July 2021


Dunsin, July 2021

“Awesome experience! Ken makes it so fun. He truly gets to understand his group & gives a personalized experience! 12/10.”

Mahisha, July 2021

"When I booked this experience for my friend’s bachelorette I was never expecting it to be as thrilling and memorable as it was. This experience was very involved and interactive, and Ken was an absolute pleasure throughout all of it. He was incredibly accommodating of everyone in the group and got all of us out of our comfort zone, without being pushy or aggressive about it.

I would 1000% recommend Ken and his tours to anyone looking for some wine, adventure, and a good time.

This experience is what you make of it so bring a good attitude, some good shoes, and be prepared to get wet!"

Becky, July 2021

"Ken was an awesome tour guide. My family of three did the express your. We took a hike and got some beautiful swimming opportunities. There, we had a tasting (or two!) of wine from the winery we went to in the second part of the tour. During the second part of the tour, we went to a gorgeous, family owned winery. Ken is very accommodating so be sure to bring up any concerns as far hiking capability and he'll adjust the route. I would also recommend bringing a bathing suit (you can change into dry clothes at the winery or before hand).  Overall, great experience
and would recommend."

Klia, June 2021

"Ken’s experience was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! Beyond anything you could imagine. We chased waterfalls (literally), with personal touches such as wine under the waterfall. Went with a group of 7 girls, and it was the highlight of our weekend. Do not hesitate to book this one!"

Roselyn, June 2021

"An amazing experience run by an amazing tour guide! The tour itself was filled with great spots and incredible views, while Ken took the experience to the next level with his warmth,
kindness, and HILARIOUSNESS.
Definitely recommend this Airbnb Adventure!"

Pam, May 2021

“What a phenomenal day and experience! Thanks to Ken for leading such a great adventure and opening up both our souls to the great mother nature. We both truly had such a great time and day. The memories and photos taken by Ken (he's an excellent photographer) will sit in a special place in my heart. Highly recommend Ken for ANY nature hike adventure!”

Anja, May 2021

“Oh my goodness, I don't even know where to start. This experience was definitely one of the best I've had in a long time. From the get-go, communication with Ken was quick and smooth. Ken met up with us and immediately his energy was so lively and friendly. He then took us to a gorgeous trail, filled with lush greenery, picturesque views and cascading waterfalls. Ken took us off the beaten path and showed us all the cool spots we otherwise might have not explored but are so grateful we now have. He is super knowledgeable of the area and personalizes the entire experience for you. The wine was absolutely delicious and it really set apart the entire experience for us from a regular trail walk. Ken was kind enough to follow up with us after the experience, and we will absolutely be back. I HIGHLY recommend this experience for anyone looking to try something new as a couple, with friends, family or even coworkers. Thank you again Ken!!”

Sornia, March 2021

Ken... THANK YOU for being the most amazing tour guide EVER.
The hike /trails were breathtaking and oh so amazing. You’re a trooper. You were very patient with us. ( LOL ) You’re a champion!

Your choice suggestions for the wineries were exceptional. Well, can I say how impressed we were with your knowledge of the rivers and helping us to stop and breathe and take it all in. It was magical and oh so much FUN, we laughed non stop! It’s official, I’m spoiled and I would never do another tour without you. it honestly felt like old friends meeting up.
Ken thank you for being the best tour guide a group could ever ask for. You made us feel welcome and safe. It didn’t feel like a tour. It felt like a family outing. Your attention to detail was amazing. 
🗣LISTEN EVERYONE... look no further. Book your tours with KEN. I promise you will have an experience of a lifetime 🌟 You made Tracey’s 40th birthday extremely memorable and for that WE thank you immensely .🙏🏾🌟”

Nadine, April 2021

“Fantastic day spent hiking, drinking wine, and laughing! I highly recommend booking this tour. Our whole group had an absolute blast! Ken is just awesome - took us to the coolest spots, waterfalls, views, places we would have never otherwise seen! He kept us laughing, was incredibly knowledgeable about the area and kept our glasses full! One of the girls said they felt like we were so far away on a vacation. Ken even specialized the trip with some thoughtful, personal touches that were so appreciated and made the day that much more memorable. He really went above and beyond and we are so appreciative. We are even hoping to come back and do this tour again!
Book with Ken - you’ll have a fantastic and memorable day!!”

Scott, December 2020

“Ken was a fantastic host. We had too many laughs to count. The hike was truly amazing and beyond expectations. An awe-inspiring trek into a beautiful secluded spot in Niagara people don't often get to go. The wineries selected offered a personal experience that made you feel like a VIP. Like the trek the wineries offered a look into the local industry from a less commercial and more experiential perspective. We thoroughly enjoyed our day.”

Roza, November 2020

“On behalf of all eight of us, we had the most amazing time! Ken is an awesome host and super fun!
Starting from our hike to the epic views then all the wineries! This was my third time and can’t wait to do it again!
Thank you Ken 😊”
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