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Must Do's in Niagara & Lincoln

 A few of my favorite places that get more than a few things right.

Jordan Station - Vineland - Beamsville

Phenomenal coffee. Super affordable breakfasts, lunches. Friendly. Patio. Solid every time.

Loaded sandwiches, awesome patio, cheese samples, home made everything. Lovely family. Near QEW.

Spendy but fabulous ambiance. Feels like Napa. Meals damned good. Friendly folks. 

Awesome Italian, super friendly, free focaccia with luscious spread. Reasonably priced. Can't go wrong.

A touch of urban sensibilities amid the orchards. Vegan, vegetarian 

and people-friendly.

Down-home and welcoming. Low prices. Hosted by a family that cares about you. Flea market on Sundays.

Rockway Falls

Not far from friendly Rockway Winery. Like all local falls these run dry in summer but still beautiful.

Damned good cuisne. It' a tight operation so they don't tend to overlook anything, especially you.

Beamsville Legion

Yep, the Legion. Cheap beer. Great yard with pic nic tables & trees. Chill with locals over chips and Creemore.

Knows how to engage people. No other winery measures up. Friendly & flexible. Farmers at heart.

 A colorful nursery & cafe. No better combination. Sit under a palm tree with your brownie and latte.

Few beers but all of them good. Friendly. No hipster attitude. No born-again craft brew preaching.

St. Catharines

Homemade beers in historic room. Personable folks, laid back all the way around. Try the Blueberry, baby.

Eclectic vibe, all types welcome. Coolest playlist in town. Community-minded. Hip without the attitude.

Hilarious owner. Posh coffee. No drip. Americano. Yeah, one of those places. Best ambiance in town.

The Office Tap & Grill

Friendly. As. Hell. No attitude. Great menu and drink selection. Owner on site. Lovely folks all around.

Overholt Farmer's Market

As much personality and warmth as it has options for fruit, vegetables, more!

1656 Seventh Street Louth St. 

Like many city centers, St. Kitt's has struggled. It's almost there and you're going to help. See where St. Paul takes you.

You realize ships don't go up and down Niagara Falls, right? Wonder how they access the Great Lakes? Canal, baby.

Original Welland Canal Ruins

Hard to explain location. Merritt Trail, Westchester Crescent @ Oakdale. Unmarked parking lot.

Love this place. Wine, beer, spirits. Run by students. Awesome view of vineyard and escarpment. No airs.

All beers drinkable, some damned good. Service better than most. These folks make you feel at home. 

Three words: oh my gosh. Dynamite lineup of delicious spirits including a plum gin that'll knock you on your ass. 

Live music that ain't your regular cover tunes. Blues galore by guys that can fuckin' play. Sat'days 2:30 pm


Best kept secret for view of Niagara River @ Lake Ontario. Best patio in town. 143 Front St. Check out the old fort.

Small batch distillery including peach, plum, pear and apricot spirits. Posh- rustic atmosphere. Friendly.

Always trustworthy for upbeat atmosphere, good meals, respectable range of craft beer, nice folks all around.

Historic Old Town

Surprising the number of people who don't know this exists. Stroll and savor. Hit the river where it meets Lake O.

Finally a Canadian business that knows how to do it all. Organized, passionate, likable. Worthy of mention.

Niagara Shores Park

Beachside hideaway not far from Strewn Winery. Follow trail to Lake Ontario then don't tell anyone about it. 

Niagara Falls

Best hike in the region. Down river from Niagara Falls. Beautiful green water. Chill a while with a pic nic.

Taps - downtown. Counterpart nearby. Blackburn out in the country adjacent to Heartland Forest.

Poor downtown NF needs your love. Tourists prefer casino. Stroll Queen St. and drop a few coins.

American Side

Lewiston to Fort Niagara

Quaint, charming, lovely, Lady of Fatima Shrine, historic fort, river, lake, nature, coffee, beer, wineries - do not miss.


Theater district, Spot Coffee, historic bars, grand cathedrals (Saint Louis), Hofbrahaus, Irish & Polish festivals, canalside

Hamburg, Elicottville & Beyond

Hamburg Brewing: wood burning fireplace, Elicottville mountain village, Allegheny State Park, so much more

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