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Uber Wine

Need an affordable driver to transport you to Niagara wineries? Got you covered. 

Niagara Limousine Services sans limousine.

If you don't mind my humble van I don't mind being your wine-tasting chauffeur. Couples get the fancy Mitsibushi. Bigger groups get the mini van. I'll be your Wine Mom.


When inquiring make it super easy. Send me:

  • Number of people

  • Pick-up location, date and time

  • Number and names of wineries you want to hit 

  • Generally: four hours = $79 per person plus tasting fees at wineries (compare to overpriced "private tours" or Drunk Shuttles that shuffle you on and off the bus like cattle - not before milking you, of course)

If you prefer I choose the wineries simply inquire about Winery Roads (bottom of page) and we'll go from there.

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